I was on these meds for 18 years, feeling perfect but decided to quit this summer after seeing some Webinars about the negative parts of SSRIs. And 5 months later I'm on them again. I just quit a really stressed job which is the reason I finally got burned out. I started on 25 mg for 3 weeks (the dose I was on during 13 years) but felt worse and worse. Went up to 50 mg 15 days ago. I'm having the feeling I'm not really getting any better on the meds - it feels like the opposite. When I started I was totally stressed out but didn't really feel depressed nor with a very low self esteem. Every day that passes I get like more scared, unsecure and desperate. My personal life is very unsecure since way back. Lost all my money in a business I opened. And I don´t feel like if I can look for a job right now, with these depression and low self esteem issues. I got offered a job but had to say NO. I need to feel okey first!! Any thoughts, ideas, some reinsurance.