The governments (FDA) failure to control drug cartels and drug pushers have taken the route to control all physicians ability to prescribe pain meds of their responsible patients. Since the FDA can’t control the illegal influx of illegal pain drugs, they punish everyone else!!! A practice I have seen them do in other illegal activities. Can’t stop the “stupid” so, it seems to be easier for the FDA to punish everyone rather than stopping and arresting those who have abused the system. My physician has been treating me for 16 years. Of those 16 years, I have been in chronic body pain for 7years and, he prescribed tramadol to help with the pain. After years of taking the meds exactly as described, my pain has caused me to use 2 more pills a day (every 8 hours) and so, I requested an increase of tramadol. He could not prescribe any additional meds because the damn government has tied his hands. What do others, who have chronic pain do? There are many in the same situation. The “government has removed my quality of life” and, after many years, I had to quit my job. I liked working and had plans to continue as long as I was able. My doctor gave me a copy of a letter he received from the state he practices in. It is a threatening letter , which states, they will remove is license to write prescriptions if they deem he has written prescriptions for more pain drugs than the government allows. There are a lot of people suffering from chronic pain for which there is no cure or, known diagnosis of what is causing the pain in order to help those suffering from chronic pain. Many people are only able to continue with their daily lives or jobs because of the pain medication. Anyone have any answers as to how we patients can be treated by our physicians without the “long arm of the government” sticking their noses where they don’t belong?