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Can I take famotidine at any time or the day for heartburn rather than just take it at night?

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HPoole 22 Apr 2015

Yes. My doctor has me on 20mg twice a day of famotidine.

sickofgerd 22 Apr 2015

Thanks for your answer. It makes my life a bit easier to take it when I need it rather than waiting until late at night.

PepperM 22 Apr 2015

I agree you can take it during the day. Be careful if it makes you sleepy. I didn't make me sleepy at all but it does some people. I take mine at any given time. Although I should take it at the same time everyday.

sickofgerd 22 Apr 2015

Thank you I don't want to take it every day as I have weaned myself off a PPI that I was on for 10 years. Trying to control it with food but need 'something' quite often so I take famotidine or if I want a quick fix I use zantac.

Sabrina1234 22 Apr 2015

I just weaned myself off of aciphex. And now take nizatidine twice a day but you should talk to your doctor because when I take it I have to start with 40 mg twice a day then slowly drop to 20 mg twice a day. I switch every 6 months from a ppi to an h2 block but I'm luck in that every type of Gerd medicine works for me.

sickofgerd 22 Apr 2015

I started with Aciphex years ago and ended up on Nexium. It took me almost a year to get off the PPi and although My doctor thinks I should take the famotidine every day I do not want to get 'hooked' on another medicine that is not curing the problem only treating the symptons. I am watching my diet very carefully and taking the famotidine at the first signs of heartburn when I think I need it. free discount card

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