my test came out positive and with high respones like I was smoking and since 02/12/10 i have not smoked I take med's adderall 20mg 2x a day, wellbutrin 150mg SR 2x a day, celexa 20mg once a day and vitamin d 50000unt cap teva once a month what could be doing this to make my urine come out positive with response like i was smoking yesterday and I have not smoked since 2/12/10 I 190/ 200 pounds and 5'2 tall and i smoke a pack a day of newports 100's please help me
Am talking now meloxicam 15mg, Ritalin 20mg, aciphex 20mg, celexa 20mg, percocet 5-325mg, lasix 40mg and vitamin D 50000ui and once I stop taking percocet I started taking aleve, advil, aspirin, vitamin b, and motin, ibuprofen and came out with THC i have to have my gallbladder removed I have biliary colic and had two surgery's in less then 4 month and 5x with anatesia. please help me i might be going to jail on 01/12/2012 if I don't fine an answer to my question my uterus was remove on aug 16 2011 and rt hand and wrist surgery on 11/12/2011