Sertraline - Hi I started taking Generic Zoloft (Camber brand) for anxiety back in early June. I... started on 25 for a week then went up to 50. On 50 I started having random sharp pains on my scalp. Like a drill bit.
I thought it was anxiety so I went up to 100 and two weeks later 150. I was on 150mg by the end of July. That’s when my face around my eyes started burning and tingling in my scalp. Mentally I felt fine but lots of symptoms in face and head. I would get random sharp head aches and pin behind the eyes. I just though it was anxiety symptoms but my sister said it could be meds.
I went to my Pschy doc and he said he never had heard of the symptoms before. That did not help my hope that It was the meds. So on Aug 31 we decided to taper down. I went on 125mg for 7 days then down to 100mg for 15 days and am now on day 4 of 75mg.
It seems first week on 100mg was rough symptom wise but last week the burning in my face did not seem as intense. Yesterday and today a little more symptoms with pin and needles in my arms. (Which has happened before).
Anyway I just discovered your sight while in the taper down and have started reading the book.
My questions are as follows if you have time.

As a side note two years ago I was taking zoloft 100mg TEVA brand and it worked great , no symptoms like these at all. I stopped for two years because I was feeling better. Life changes required I go back on something.

My questions are as follows if you have time.
1. Could it be the brand of generic my body cannot adjust to causing the nerve pain burning and tingling ?
2. Is these uncommon symptoms for zoloft?
3. Will there be days when symptoms come and go as I taper off ? My doc said that is impossible. That the symptoms will fade on a steady decline with no ups or downs