Type 1 diabetic, 20+ yrs. direct exposure to stomach virus, feeling like it has caught me. I REALLY struggle when I throw up. I have eaten lightly, and despite all necessary precautions (hot water, hands washing, laundry, cleaning EVERY thing with bleach) I feel almost certain I'm going to throw up. I usually keep on hand Rx Phenergan just in case (I have school aged kids) but luckily haven't had it in years. Therefore, my Rx is expired. Wouldn't it be better to take, even if less effective, than nothing? Since this can easily derail my glucose control, and I have been hospitalized for severe stomach flu before, I am concerned more about getting sick than expired Rx, but want to be safe obviously. I have no history of drug abuse/misuse or dependence, just can't stand the thought of getting so ill because it lingers and I am slower to recover from such a virus.