OK. I consider myself an intelligent man. But being a survivalist who stockpiles pills, I am always concerned about expiration dates. Now I know and you know that not ALL pills can chemically expire at the same time. I have NEVER received a prescription that had anythng other then the typical "expires in one year" generic stamp. I really need a good answer on this topic. Please, do not say things like "well not ALL pills expire... " We all know the VAST majority of them do say one year. I am seeking one thing and one thing only. What are the TRUE expiration dates for the following pills. Like a can of fruit that says expires 2012, it can be eaten for a year or two after that. Looking for serious replies here. Really need to know this info, as life and limb could depend on it if two years from now I try to take an Amoxicillin for an infection and DIE from it. Thank you ahead of time: Here is my list. Amoxicillin. Clindamycin. Percocets. Ultrams. Xanax. Flexall. Phentermine. 40 OC and 40 OP. That is what I stock for emergency medical survival needs. Please, no jokes about the 40 OC. Only have a few of them anyway... Mainly interested in the Amox and Clind, as I have heard that anti biotics are tricky when expired. Thank you all again.