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Estrace Vaginal Cream - Is there a generic form of this cream?

3 Answers

ut61794Z53s4 9 Nov 2019

Yes, if your doctor writes the prescription to allow generics. I’m new to using and was told generics are "fairly recent" whatever that means. I have the generic.

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isment2b 18 Feb 2018

Mylan now makes a generic cream. I was able to get mine at Walgreens Pharmacy.

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anon4life 28 April 2018

Hi, Just wondering, did it save you any money? I called Walgreens to inquire and they told me it was priced $90 less than the brand name, but that it was a 'new' generic so I should call my insurance company and ask if they were covering it yet and how much the copay would be.
Thanks in advance!

ut61794Z53s4 9 Nov 2019

Got mine at Costco $135 from Mylan versus Estrace was $370 for same size.

suzanne66 22 Sep 2009

No. Estrace is the only approved form of estradiol vaginal cream available in USA.

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carlarussell 28 Sep 2009

Why is not yet in generic form? The patent has long expired.

GaPeech 18 Oct 2010

However, you can order Generic vaginal cream from Canada for about 1/3 the price of Walmart. You must have a prescription, but all meds from Canada are about 1/3 of what we are paying here in the USA. Most also offer free shipping. The downside is that it takes about 4 weeks for a prescription, but stock up and at the Canadian prices you can afford it. Plus they offer generics not available in the USA.

Dee1956 19 Feb 2017

I don't understand why this medication continues to cost so much. There are many of us who need this. I would use the patch, which my ins covers but I am told I can't use it due to family history.
It is so frustrating to get all of these urinary tract infections. The ins will pay for that but not the medication to prevent.

eksommer 28 June 2017

I agree. This is what my doctor recommends for me. Plus I do not want to participate in the industry that enslaves mares for their pee. (Yes, this is true--see Snopes). I have been purchasing Estrace for years. Sometimes my insurance has covered most of the cost. But now I must apply for Medicare and this drug is going to cost $288 per tube. It is not in any formulary. Ridiculous and greedy.

sherril987 24 Sep 2017

I am newly on Medicare (as of end of 2016). I have Aetna. Estrace is covered as Tier 4 = $103. Yuvafem (generic for Vagifem) = $90. Also, does someone have an address and/or phone number for Canada?

Kmcaleer 29 Sep 2017

Gapeech, how do I request the drug from Canada?

HumbertoEsteves 14 Nov 2017

I know why this medicine costs to much here in the US: PROFIT!!! I'm from Brazil and over there the same medicine with 80 doses costs around 15 dollars free discount card

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