Long story short. I’ve been on Brand necessary Lexapro for 10 years. I’ve paid for the brand at the jnsurNce company’s highest cost tier which was fine. I needed it. Now the evil insurance company just decided on my renewal that I am responsible for the cost difference between brand and generic which is a lot of amount of money. $300ish. I told doc I’d give generic another shot. He’s very good psych doc and told me that generics can be up to 20% less effective than brand drugs. I’m on 20 mg Lexapro so he said it would be reasonable for me to go on 30 mg of escitalopram. I’m on day four of this in while the days are not terrible I am in a fog in by the end of the day I am absolutely exhausted. Has anybody successfully made the change from brand Lexapro to generic. Any tips on getting through it? I know that certain generic manufacturers are better than others but that seems like an awful lot of work to research every pharmacies generic manufacturer. Any tips support etc. would be greatly appreciated