.Atenelol caused minor ED in 2 months increasing to 100% ED in a year. I have not been able to have sex in 5 months, so I stopped the atenelol 4 weeks ago. I have seen slow improvement, but not enough for sex yet. My BP is back to its normal unmedicated 160/110, but the ED effects still linger. Is this normal?

If ED symptoms appear months after starting a medication, is it common that ED symptoms remain for many weeks after stopping medication?

At 52, my doctor believes I am too young for ED drugs. I have tried Avapro, Lisonopril, and Atenelol, and I have chosen to continue without BP meds in the hope that I can enjoy sex again. Urologist has confirmed my problems have all been drug-related.

My cardiologist believes I should continue trying other meds, but my marriage and my sanity can't continue with 100% ED.

How long until high BP itself causes ED? What is the risk of stroke with BP averaging 160/110 for a 52 year-old? I can accept a higher risk of sudden death, but I more fear surviving a stroke where I am a burden and can't even commit suicide.

Why would my doctor tell me I am too young for ED meds? He didn't give me a medical reason.