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What is the equivalent of half a teaspoon of liquid xanax compared to the 2 mg tablet?


chuck1957 27 Dec 2015

Michelle; this is the only liquid Xanax I can find and it is the generic called.((ALPRAZOLAM 1mg in 1mL Dosage form: oral solution (concentrate) MAKE SURE YOUR BOTTLE OF LIQUID SAYS alprazolam 1mg/ml and depending on who you get your info from a standard teaspoon is 4 to 5 ml I was taught that a teaspoonful is 5ml's so 1/2 teaspoonful would be 2& 1/2 mg in a dose that is going off the alprazolam 1mg/ml which you have to make sure that is what you have. BUT you could always go to the Pharmacy and get a 5ml or 1 ml Dropper and take the 2.5ml's to match it up exactly but it is close enough to use 1/2 teaspoon which would be 2.5mg of generic Xanax.You can also call your Pharmacist that filled your prescription there should have been a dropper with the bottle with directions of taking 2.5ml's at a time.Please if this is to confusing call your Pharmacist. Chuck1957 Chuck Wise licenced Pharmacy Techniecian C.pht. Oregon PS THIS IS AN ADULT DOSE ONLY CHUCK.

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chuck1957 27 Dec 2015

chuck again I would perfer you use the dropper that should have come with this medication and again this is an ADULT DOSE ONLY. NOT FOR USE ON A CHILD. Charles E. Wise Sr.Or you call your Pharmacist. They know what they gave you and this should have been explained I would have fired one of my Pharmacist if you took this home not knowing what to do with it. cew. free discount card

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