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Entyvio - When can I expect this drug to work? I have had the beginner doses?


GodsHealingMe47 3 April 2016

I started treatment last June and I suppose I felt it started working within a two-three month period. Hard to tell. All I can say is that for the first time since I've had crohns I just had a perfect colonoscopy without any disease present. so the drug is working for me but giving me very painful side effects throughout my whole body. do we ever get a break?

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Inactive 30 May 2015

I started out taking 800 mg of Ansacol twice a day for about 4 months. Then I was changed to 1.2 g of Lialda twice a day. This is because my insurance company would not pay for the Ansacol. I started seeing relief from the cramping and diarrhea almost immediately. I really think the Ansacol is better but what can I do. I recently had a MRI that showed some inflammation so now I am on 2 months of daily Lialda enemas. After this, I will go back on the regular Lialda. I really think I need to increase my medication and will discuss this with the doctor when I see him next. I am not familiar with your medication.

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