I already have the most intense of all of the typical menstrual stuff, but I'm wondering if all the bad experiences are with women that are already regulated and the women who love it usually have irregularities in their menstrual health... anyone that can disprove this theory? I just had an irregular pap smear and I got prescribed this. My doctor says it will help my PCOS symptoms like extreme pain, cystic acne (I've literally had it for like 10years) and heavy bleeding. I haven't even taken it yet, but I can feel my period coming in a couple days... ill be taking it on the first day, she said we'll try 3 months.I'm almost scared to try it because I have borderline personality disorder, which is unstable, uncontrollable emotions already... the last thing I need right now is to be on a downward spiral mentally, and miserable physically... I don't wanna put my husband through more than we already normally deal with. Does anyone else have PCOS or other syndromes that are effected negatively? Positively?