On February 15 i had sex we used a condom and just for a few seconds we used without just to make sure i took an emergency pill . Then around February 28 i had sex and the condom slipped but i took it off me really quick so to be safe i took another emergency pill. I took 2 pills in one month. (I realized it was bad after some time) i got the side effects now my period is usually by the end of the month on the 29 or 30th of the month which is weird since February doesnt have those days. Eventually i got my period on the 4th of march just a few days late. Now its april 10 and im currently waiting on my second period. I have been having sex with my partner but with protection and im sure there hasnt been any semen inside me. Is it the emergency pill causing for it to come late? Its just been random? Im a 100% sure there hasnt been any semend inside me. Please help!