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Does Eliquis cause hair loss?

5 Answers

Poochie78 6 Nov 2020

Yes it most certainly does. I have only been on Eliquis since maybe late September 2020. Every morning when I brush my hair, I now have a full brush full of hair. I have gobs of hair on my jacket. My ponytail has gone from being super thick to the size of a hotdog. I told my cardiologist office, and haven't heard back from my doctor yet. I've been taking biotin for maybe 2 weeks, but it doesn't seem to be helping. It isn't listed as one of their side effects, but it should be.

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Poochie78 11 Dec 2020

Wanted to add an update. I had been taking vitamin E before starting Eliquis. I ran out of vitamin E and was going to just stop taking it. This is when I noticed the hair loss! I started taking vitamin E again and the hair loss is back to normal. It may or may not work for you, but if you're reading this, it can't hurt to try!

Chebe1956 5 Oct 2020

I have been on Eliquis for a year now and my hair is definitely falling out, and is not in my gene line.
I would like to know what else is out there besides Eliquis and Xarelto.

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saweston 29 Oct 2018

Have been on Eliquis for 3 months and am losing my hair. Going to my Doctor this week to get off it and get on another anticoagulant.

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barbmt 5 Dec 2018

I just ended a 6 month series on Eliquis. My hair has been falling out for at least 2 months and is now very thin and limp. I had no idea that it might be caused by Eliquis.

mrsparsons 13 Dec 2017

It may not be listed under their side effect profile but it needs to be. I was on Eliquis for over 18 months. My hair was thinning like crazy and figured out that had to be the culprit based on the timing of when the hair loss started. I talked to my PCP about it, and within a week of stopping it and switching to Xarelto, the hair loss has decreased dramatically, probably by 75-80%, at least.

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masso 18 Sep 2017

It is not listed as a possible side effect, I suggest you inform your Dr.

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