I take 150mg Effexor XR at 6pm everyday have done so for many years.
I was prescribed Tramadol 50mg 1-2, 2 times a day for a workplace injury.

I have read that the two can Interact and cause the body to produce to much serotonin leading to mild or severe serotonin syndrome. On the contrary I also have read that people do take the two together probably not at the same time I'm guessing but have had no problems.

I understand that It is a personal thing and that everyone will react differently. I have just taken 100mg just before at 1.00pm and will be taking my usual Effexor XR at 6-7pm after dinner.

When I spoke to my doctor about my Effexor being taken at night (different doctor prescribed it 6 years ago) and not in the morning he told me that it is mostly taken in the mornings and I will be changing that within a few days after I establish my relationship with Tramadols effects.

Will report back on how it goes and any information and or experiences are welcome.



I also was wondering if you had to change around the times at which you took the two meds in order to avoid interactions?