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What are the effects of alcohol when taking Harvoni?

Answers (22)

kaismama 18 Feb 2015

If you have hep C alcohol should be the last thing on your mind.

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Ed Barry 18 Feb 2015

answer the question, your not my mother

kristin_kemp 6 Jul 2015

My doctor never said I couldn't have one beer, I would ask your doctor instead of listening to bias opinions.

shawnashcraft69 29 Sep 2015

Your right but sometimes we have fun on weekends but if effects the treatment I will stop

Donnajean1963 9 Jun 2016

Just want a simple question answered does drinking beer effect the results of harvoni curing hep c???

Ollie Cain 29 May 2017

I am an alcoholic and drank several times during the course of my treatment. The Dr never asked if I drank. I am HCV free.

angel1662 18 Feb 2015

Hello Ed Barry
I have to agree with kaismama 100% why would you or anyone what to drink alcohol if they already have hep c or any type of liver problems... its not a good idea at alllllll in my opinion...

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Ed Barry 18 Feb 2015

answer the question. doctors never tell you your going to die anyway. i'd rather have 10 less years enjoying myself then living an extra 10 years doing nothing but watch the doctors, insurance companies and drug companies get rich at my time and expense.

ParisTiltin6 27 May 2016

Mr. Ed Barry. My doctor says a quart or 40 0z beer once a week is fine and any damage should be minimal at worst.

lemondrop77 16 Feb 2017

Hi Ed. No is the answer best answer I could give you. I started 3 weeks ago and have forced myself to not drink. Reason my Hepatologist indicated that alcohol will interact with Harvoni and may cause it not to effective. I would hate for you to ruin your treatment cycle. Good Luck!

Ollie Cain 29 May 2017

To someone who knows nothing about mental illness or alcoholism, yes, that's easy to say.

tklim1 13 Feb 2019

Easy folks. Liver disease and alcohol are never good together. Any doctor will tell you the same. It's just a fact. Unless you are not interested in your health. Then you do what you want. It's up to you ultimately. You know the answer I believe. Just hard. Want a pass. Have to do the hard things sometimes.

Delila 19 Feb 2015

Hi, the interactions checker doesn't come up with any interactions, however, not a lot of information has been published about this medication to date. Drinking could make some of the potential side effects worse, such as lethagy, headache & nausea...,3567-16903

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amp1126 27 Feb 2015

Ive been wondering the same thing about alcohol consumption. We are going to a wedding this weekend and I wanted to have a glass or two of wine. Did you ever find any information on this ed Barry?

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Ed Barry 28 Feb 2015

not really, but i have not had any problems at this point. i will know more after my first blood test, which is coming up on 3/12/15. check back around the 15th make sure your all hand i'll let you know how i made out. make sure your all heppa approved... lol. more gov't crap which just makes health care more diffucult, but i'm sure it creates some nice cushy jobs for another worthless gov't employee. Don't forget about their tax payer paid retirement too. "Obamadon'tcare"... what a pile of poop!!!

amp1126 28 Feb 2015

Thank you! Good luck!

32yrGeno1 3 Mar 2015

Hello Ed. You ask an interesting question. We all want to feel like a "normal" person at parties and such, I know I have refused a bizillion drinks with very lame excuses because GOD FORBID I say at a party, "no thanks, I have Hep C and cirrhosis". Good way to clear a room.
Nonetheless, I would want the treatment to be VERY effective so I would never drink alcohol while taking Harvoni. That said, I want to die of something besides cirrhosis so I won't ever drink again Quality of life for me does not include a buzz. :)

Camilla88 6 May 2015

Ed let me know after your blood result ... I will have my first prov May, 20

bug707174 29 Aug 2017

I've had a few glasses of wine threw out my harvoni treatment... Just finished the treatment and got the blood work results back.. great news I'm CURED... Virus is undetected :))

zenn211 1 Mar 2015

Ed Barry, I too enjoy a drink or two to relax and/or have a good time. Nevertheless, I have fought the urge to drink because I know the results are negative.
I have decided to give this new medication, Harvoni a decent shot at accomplishing all that it promises to do without me unknowingly attempting to weaken it's performance or rendering it to be less effective. There's a possible chance that I may extremely intensity the side effects as well.
So my friend, it's really entirely up to you how you chose to treat your body during it recovery process.
Researchers have informed us that alcohol consumption is poisonous to our system and it especially does a job on our liver. So good luck; the ball is in your court ... don't spike it across the net ... give it a chance to volley. I'm just saying! :-)

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subcooll 7 Mar 2015

I too like a beer or two when I get off work most nights I would like an informed opinion not your advice which I do appreciate and understand so thanks for that but to the point does it effect the treatment or not

subcooll 7 Mar 2015

again thanks to all of you for caring answers just looking for a honest answer im not a person with drinking problem don't touch liquor but very rarely don't have liver disease ( THANK GOD ) but I do enjoy a beer when I get home if not to tired from work lol I work 12 hours a day so a beer is nice to relax and go to bed

shawnashcraft69 29 Sep 2015

I'm leaning that way myself thanks

niceshoes44 3 Apr 2016

8 weeks on Harvoni. Consume 24 beers a week. Last blood work zero viral load. Just saying. Leo

Spike1ismydog 24 May 2016

I have had a few shots of vodka with no side effects, just don't want to jeopardize treatment doctor says no alcohol for rest of my life. Can doctor tell if you have been slipping.

Ptimothy 15 Mar 2017

I tend to agree with you. I go 4 my Bloodwork tomorrow prior to Harvoni. Want to stay sober, 100%.

Tedl60 30 Sep 2017

I was wondering about the effects of Harvoni and alchohol. I went through the whole(11 months) treatments using ribairion and interferon and hep-c came back! I think I can go three months without alchohol to save my liver! If not, I need to take a good hard look at my drinking! Thanks for the info!

jwill51 5 Apr 2015

I am sorry and no offense is intended, but no one has directly answered the question.

It is fact that alcohol is not good for the liver, but that is not the question as I understand it. The question is:


HCV is a virus and damages the liver differently that alcohol. The results may be the same, but the methods of damage are completely different. It is like comparing apples to oranges. No doubt that alcohol exasperates liver damage exponentially.

What is the scientific answer? Not the morally correct answer.

So does alcohol interfere with the ability of Havoni to eradicate the HCV?

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Delila 6 Apr 2015

Hi, all i can come up with, if you are up for a good read, are the following sources... go to, they have a substantial section on Harvoni treatment and how it and Hep C are affected by drinking alcohol... the first sentence: " A history of heavy alcohol consumption doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment".

Hill418 3 May 2015

I'm looking for the same info. Does alcohol interfere with the ability of Harvoni to eradicate the HCV?

Camilla88 6 May 2015

Im on The same page... I just Will like to Know IF having
A glass ... A simple glass of red vin vill interfere with the treatments. I do understand all the morality of drinking

Boca girl 9 May 2015

I to wanted to know, I called cvs Caremark and spoke to the pharmacist.
The answer I got yes with moderation.

chrisv28 13 May 2015

The answer is no, at least not in my case. I quit drinking for the most part (having a few a week at this point) when I started on Harvoni in early March. At four weeks 7.3m load went to 60, at six weeks undetected. I have had drinks during this period, while maybe not a good decision the Harvoni worked. Three weeks to go on the 12 week course and still undetected.

chrisv28 13 May 2015

The answer to your question, at least in my case is no. Drinking while on harvoni did not interfere with the drugs ability to eradicate the virus. I started with 7.3m load, week 4 60 load, week six undetected. Still undetected with 3 weeks to go in the 12 week course. May not be the smartest thing, but I found it hard to abstain. Drank several drinks per week.

Camilla88 14 May 2015

Hej wily if you get any answer Pls.. Tell me .. I do like a glass of wine Red one Friday and one in Saturday.. I hope distant interfere ... Now there is not a clear answer about a " Small amount " it's not a Bottle

eokeefe57 3 Oct 2015

NO. There is no evidence from anyone who uses alcohol, including myself, that it interferes with Harvoni's work. There is no warning labels on the product and no doctor will tell you not to drink unless you have a horrible case of cirrhosis. Then I would definitely consider not drinking at all.

That is my final answer after doing much research on the subject. Good luck to you!

quincynoodles123 7 Jun 2016

alot of contraversy out there about drinking alcohol and the affects it may have while on harvoni. in my case, it had none. i continued to drink alcohol as i normally did, right from the start thru the finish, which is on weekends, appx. 8 drinks over the weekend. it has been a year since i finished harvoni, and i am HEP C negative.
not condoning nor condemning this, just stating my truth.

Ollie Cain 29 May 2017

I drank several times during the course of my treatment and I'm HCV free.

Johnnie G 5 Jun 2015

Ed B - I've had the same question. I am fortunate to be asymptomatic but started Harvoni after jumping through a few silly hoops. My doctor at one point let it slip that Gilead says their patients can drink and nothing in the product insert addressed alcohol. Once I started the treatment form said not to drink because it can "interfere with treatment". I believe they cut and pasted over an old interferon form (alcohol consumption is clearly contraindicated for interferon. A few blogs have some non-judgmental answers but most just finger wave with global statements. Since I started both blood tests indicated zero/undetected viral load. Sure would be happy to see a clear and rational answer to your question somewhere.

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Camilla88 6 Jun 2015

I started 4 weeks ago I have 2 glass of red wine over the weekend , I got blood work after 2 weeks and from 32000 Went down to 24 ... I just did after 4 weeks blood work and I will keep you posted ... Do not abuse alcohol while treatment .. My opinion

kerrybabyxx 15 Aug 2015

I have had the hep c virus for at least 15 yrs now,and have been drinking all this time,but now even after a few,I get tired,and have dull abdominal pains.I am about to go on harvoni,and was thinking of having a drink a day,that is only 2% alcohol,or less.How is ones ability,to drink,when the virus is gone?

josecanusi 18 Aug 2015

I quit drinking and relapsed on incivek triple treatment. it's the insurance company which requires no alcohol use, they don't want to pay to save your life if you are just going to keep on drinking and cost them money to treat your cirrhosis anyway. The only reason they pay for it at all is because it's cheaper than a liver transplant and aftercare for the rest of your life. There is no evidence that alcohol consumption makes Harvoni any less effective. I have drank alcohol while on harvoni, I'll comment here if and when I reach SVR.

niceshoes44 25 Jan 2016

very confusing huh ? I agree... gimme a straight answer and your source. PLEASE.

LorettaYoung 17 Nov 2016

Gloria K - I just started Harvoni Treatment Cure 2 weeks ago... I too am confused about the unclear info about drinking while on the treatment program... As I have no signs of any Liver Disease (mine is Pink with no scarring) & no other Hep C symptoms... Common Sense tells me it would not be harmful to have an occasional drink while on the 8 week program. This is my choice... However, I would never recommend anyone with Hep C to drink while on the medication... It all depends on the condition of your Liver & other medical factors... When I asked my Hep C Team why I needed the "CURE" if I have no signs of the disease ... Answer was ... it would almost eliminate the chances of contracting Liver Cancer... That was good enough for me... BTW... never did drugs in the late 60's, but had a life saving blood transfusion after a miscarriage... Still going strong at 70...

Sarducci 26 Aug 2015

I was first diagnosed while going through fertility testing in 2010. Because I had no negative symptoms, my doctor advised me to wait for some of the drugs that were being tested to be released. I had my liver checked every 6 months and had no tumors or cirrhosis, in fact I was quite healthy. Now 40, I've been a moderate to heavy drinker since 18. Since I never had any symptoms, the whole experience was rather surreal. I never felt like I was dying. I never had the fear that most associate with Hep C. I don't know if it was denial or ignorance, but I kept on living like I always had. I started Harvoni 4 weeks ago and I didn't change my diet, exercise routine (or lack thereof) or my drinking. The only thing that I changed was my daily vitamins (eliminated calcium) and I stopped taking otc heartburn relief. I have had absolutely no negative side effects.


I seem to wake up earlier than before, but I feel completely rested! My two week blood draw results indicated that HCV was no longer detected!!! I'm not suggesting that it is a good idea to drink while on Harvoni, but I did and had no negative repercussions.

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eokeefe57 29 Aug 2015

Hello Sarducci, I was reading your comment and your drinking history sounds like mine. I do not know how long I have had Hep C but was diagnosed in 2001 and I'm sure I was a carrier for many years previous to that date! Then all of a sudden the Harvoni was approved by my insurance carrier and I started Harvoni on August 3rd.

I have become disabled for the past 5 years now and working on walking again. Just had back surgery and have experienced a lot of pain, esp. in the last 2 or so years. Been on lots of pain meds as well. So... I was afraid of feeling worse when starting treatment but I feel just fine!!! My first 2 week blood tests were extremely good and my doctor's office was amazed, as was I, at the immediate great results thus far..


My answer to the original question here is that "Alcohol does not interfere with this medication." I drink 2 red wines with cranberry juice on ice every evening to relax and rewind to go to sleep and it has not interfered with this medication. I eat very well and take good care of myself but I love my wine!

My next round of blood tests will be August 31 - we'll then again see what's happening further. Till then - thanks for sharing!

unclejohnsband 28 Aug 2015

Well what is the answer, as I started treatment today? Not opinions, but medical facts. I'm LOL as my count is 5,000,000 + and I've had it at least 24 years from. 15,000 surgeries and I'm not a doctor.

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chrisv28 2 Oct 2015

My experience is that when I started treatment in March 2015 I had a viral load of 7m, two weeks viral load 60, four weeks negative hp c. Now I am considered cured :). I did abstain for the first three weeks and consumed alcohol moderately after, against the advise of my doctors. That is my experience with taking Harvoni. IT is a great drug and worked for me even with alcohol consumption.

Johnnie G 6 Oct 2015

I cut back during tx just because of likely irrational fear. No one wants to touch the subject. Lots of moralistic conflation between hcv and alcoholic cirrhosis. I was fortunate and my treatment has been a success.

mikemm 2 Oct 2015

i called Giliad... they say they have NO data one way or the other... no testing done... so in other words, NO ONE KNOWS

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Renee Harden 11 Dec 2015

This is just my opinion.there's no answer.why?because I wouldn't pay for a cure if I new that alcohol would interfere with the hep-c going away.

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douglashogan 28 Dec 2015

I have just finished my 12 week regimen with Harvoni. I started with VL of 6 million copies; after 2 weeks it was down to 30 copies; at 4 wks 'undetectable'; 8 wks 'undetectable' and now at the end of treatment, still undetectable. Throughout this whole time (with the exception of the first two weeks), I drank a minimum of 3-4 beers per day. I am not recommending anyone drink on this med but since the original questioner wanted some non-judgmental answers, this is mine. My AST/ALT initailly went down into the 20's (from the 100's) but have creeped up a little with my latest blood work (AST 44/ALT 32). I should also mention that I have F4 Cirrhosis. I am not in any sort of denial as to what my continued drinking will do, but at least I will be free of HCV!

Good luck to Everyone

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Michele28 3 Apr 2016

As for myself I looked on here because I have drank sense I started the treatment 2 weeks ago and I've noticed the original side offects are more so now. I'm more tired, have headaches, and upset stomach but from everyone else's answers it don't seem to affect the treatment.

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Jrusso1954 24 Apr 2016


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Camilla88 7 Jun 2016

Ed, I will recommend to short your use of alcohol .. I did the same and here I'm today healthy and almost a new liver ... Remember alcohol affects the liver and this can affect the medicine .. Drink a beer or glass of wine on the weekends ... Avoid school days .. And good luck

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