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Drug Test - I had sex with someone that I now find out smoked pot will I still pass my u/a?

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27 May 2011

If I have this straight, you had sex with a person who smokes marijuana and you want to know if that can cause you to fail a urine drug screen? No. A urine drug screen will only show if you, yourself, smoked pot. Having sex with someone who uses will not make you positive for use. As long as you did not smoke any you will be clean! No worries! At least as far as a drug screen goes.

SSTTEEPPHH 28 May 2011

Thank u

SSTTEEPPHH 29 May 2011

How do I view other peoples questions and make friends

Studfinder 30 May 2011

You can check out people's profiles, and if they have the option listed, you can request becoming friends there. Some people do not accept friends requests, and so, the option will not be present.

From the profile, you can also follow what recent activity they have done... answers, comments, questions... but I suspect you want to know how to find questions similar to yours. You will find an option under each category to either join the support group, or to look at questions. After the most recent three questions, it will ask if you want to see more.

Hope this helps. Just poke around. We're a friendly bunch.


27 May 2011

My question is do you practice birth control , & know about STD's?

SSTTEEPPHH 28 May 2011

We have been together for almost 3 years and he smoked a joint with his cousin he hadn't seen in a long time. They saw each other at a family crisis at the hospital.

SSTTEEPPHH 28 May 2011

Answered a question with a question!!! WHAT A REPLY I THOUGHT THIS WAS DRUGS.COM ... not... STDS.COM

Anonymous 28 May 2011

I am very sorry if you took my question to you with an angry heart. Your question seemed to be coming from someone young & innocent & thought since DzooBaby answered the pot question, I would ask the other more important questions about BC & STD's. No harm meant. Just didn't want any 15 or 16 year old having babies or worse aids. And yes, this is, but we discuss all problems not just Pot. Sorry if you got offended...

SSTTEEPPHH 29 May 2011

I'm sorry if I sounded as if I did seem to take it to heart poorly I wasn't upset I guesse I have a dry sense of humor to those who don't know me!!!

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