I'm not a drinker since 1996. I may have a shot of Irish Cream every six months, mostly for the taste of it.
My question is: I take a 2.5mg of buspirone as needed. At the most, once a day. I am taking it bc I have two torn muscle of my shoulder- the bicep and the subscapularis. I can't describe the pain. I don't like pain meds or muscle relaxers bc, they make me feel so nauseous. I take buspirone for pain anxiety, when it hurts really bad, and I can't cope with it. The 2.5mg does something to the pain receptors in my brain. It's easier living with a pain ratio of 7 out of 10, over what I normally feel as an 8-9 out of ten. I have to lay on my bed 22 hrs on a heating pad. ( I do muscle exercises of my legs and one arm, to keep my blood flow going, so no blood clots can happen. I also get up for my meals and my cat's meals, bathroom visits, and personal hygeine- washing by BR sink ) I've heard about jello shots. And I've always wanted to know what they like. I bought a small bottle of vodka, jello, and the one ounce plastic cups. Will this hurt me with the low dosage of buspirone that I use once a day ( 2.5mgs ).