I was taking 5mgs amlodipine over the past 5 months... b/p would spike quite high (174/78) during the afternoon. Dr.didn't like this, neither did I, so we decided to take 10mgs of amlodipine per day. Considering the spiking occurred during the afternoon, he suggested I take 1 tab in the morning, & 1 in the afternoon. The pharmacist didn't see the logic in this. HE suggested that I could take 2 in the morning..try it for a week (but to keep monitoring BP of course), OR I could take the 2 at noon. I took 2 tabs this morning, but feel rather light-headed, with dry mouth. Now, I'm wondering if I should have taken just 1 in the morning, & 1 in the afternoon. Perhaps this new feeling I'm experiencing will smooth itself out?