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Can a dose of 60mg per day of prednisone be stopped adruptly after 5 days?

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kaismama 28 Sep 2013

No, it should have been tapered before you stopped it. Usually short term prednisone is the highest dose at first, then is decreased each day until its stopped.

endlessPred 29 Sep 2013

No. Something was wrong with the prescription or the pharmacy. Please call the pharmacy and ask them to check. Then call the doctor office at first chance. This happened to me once when in a rehab home. The nurse missed that she was to call for the taper as they weren't sure if they would stay at the high dose longer. Mistakes happen.

Anonymous 29 Sep 2013

I have been on prednisone over 28+ years for Crohns Disease. Even tho we do UP the dose rather fast (say from 20mg to 60mg in one day) due to severe symptoms, we always come down much slower, depending on my condition. When it is prescribed for only 5 days, it is usually a declining dose program. I am surprised you weren't instructed to take a high dose 1st day or two and then less every day. Since it is now Sunday (where I am) I would suggest contacting the pharmacy to check and make sure how the rx was written. Check with doctor if not resolved with Pharmacy. That is a very high dose, but, if you are already out of pills, I don't see a big problem. Its just very unusual for docs to write for prednisone like this. I could be wrong, but sounds to me like the pharmacy did not give you full or correct instructions. What does it say on your bottle from pharmacy?? That would help a lot...

Lesleyann42 20 days ago

I have been on prenisolone for 29 years non stop i need to get off these i have chrons disease.
I am now diabetic got arturitus endometriosis ect most of the side effects involved with this drug i am now down to 5mg thats taken me 2 years any info on getting off these would help please.

Anniebananie12 29 Sep 2013

I would not advise anyone to stop taking a 60mg dose of prednisone abruptly! I suffer from chronic hives, and I have taken prednisone every day for the past 3 1/2 years. The doctors try to get me down to as low as possible a dose to keep the hives manageable. The lowest dose I took was 4 mg a day for about six months, but then that stopped working.
Over these 3 1/2 years, I have been on what they call a "dose pack" probably six times. A dose pack is where you start with six pills on the first day, then five pills on the second day, four pills on the third day, three pills ... and so on until you are completely off.
There have been times when I took 40 mg today, and my doctor has never had me stop abruptly. The doctor will give me prednisone in 5 mg pills and 1 mg pills so that I can taper off very slowly.
I hope this helps!

Capoak64 12 Jun 2014

You do not have to wean after only 5 days. There is newer research that says tapering is unnecessary after a short burst of pred.: 10 days or less.

sissie1 28 Oct 2014

I was put on 3 20 mg a day for 3 days then 2 20 mg for 3 and 1 20 mg for 1 day... then half till gone. I'm on my 3 day... havent taking it het but woke up at 5 in morning with cheeks blood red and absoulutly burning up! Sick to my stomach as well ams in also on lavoflaxen antibiotic. Upper respitory ands acute sinusitis. Please someone help me. ... can i just stop predasone seeing that i have only took it for 2 days???

Twistn 21 Dec 2016

Citation? Or at least a statement of your qualifications. Posting something that goes against conventional practice really needs to be supported. I don't doubt your point, but this being the internet, for all I know you're a dog.

jec00702 11 Feb 2017

HPA suppression unlikely — Patients who meet one of the following criteria regarding steroid use are less likely to have a suppressed HPA and therefore may have glucocorticoids weaned as is appropriate for the underlying disease.

●A patient who has received any dose of glucocorticoid for less than three weeks
●Patients treated with alternate-day prednisone at a dose of less than 10 mg (or its equivalent)

This is data is off up-to-date

leavalle 8 Mar 2017

If you only took 60mg for a total of five days no taper is needed. Tapering off prednisone is only needed if it was taken for 2 to 3 weeks or more, which causes the adrenal glands to lower production of natural steroid. The taper time will depend on the dose and how long you were taking it. PS I'm a pharmacist, and this is according to medical guidelines not an opinion.

PharmdVe 22 Mar 2017

Agreed. Only necessary when taking prednisone 20 or equivalent for 2-3 weeks or greater. - Clinical Pharmacist

Star64 23 Mar 2017

I have a question is that 60mg per day for 5 days and it's ok to just stop no tapering ?

spurs01 19 Apr 2017

I guess it affects everyone differently. I had sudden sensory hearing loss in my left ear. Full disclosure, I'm getting a series of 3 steroid shots in my inner ear as well. 58 years old, sudden onset, no prior history of hearing loss."

Took Prednisone 60mg for 5 days and had HORRIBLE side effects after going off for just ONE day. Doctor said it is unusual, but NOT unheard of! Mood swings, sleep interruption, increased appetite and terrible abdominal cramping. No other explanation for it. It IS the drug. Doc put me back on a tapering regimen. Today was my second day of 40mg, down to 2 days of 20 tomorrow., then 2 days of 10, then 2 days of breaking the pills in half for 5mg. Started crying at the dinner table for NO reason. Lethragic, no energy, it's really bad. All of you pharmacists thank you, but it's not the same for every patient. I have severe tapering symptoms from this drug. I am not tapering well, so yes, it does happen to some people. Unfortunately, I am one of them. If it works, great, but I'll rely on my physician's advice.

shadowsmom42 26 Apr 2017

I've been on 40-60 mg a day for 5 days with no weaning. I must not be normal as I dont have withdrawal. Lol. My doc, once again, has to start me on it for optic neuritis but will use a tapering pack. Again, no withdrawal from those, either.

Ray Mroz 26 Sep 2017

Just to add to this, I can confirm that you can *stop* taking a 60 mg q.d. dose of prednisone after just 5 days *without* a taper assuming that there are no major mitigating factors such as old age, a relatively recent period of long-term corticosteroid treatment (i.e. adrenal suppression), the patient is taking other medications which may interfere with their natural adrenal production, etc. Short-term, high-dose prednisone treatments such as this are known as a steroid burst therapy.

Ansmith73 16 Dec 2017

I was prescribed 50mg for 5 days to calm symptoms of a yet to be diagnosed problem. No tapering ordered. I absolutely had problems on day 6. Muscle fatigue , dizzy, etc. Not the symptoms of what I had originally been having. Not the same for everyone

Taha krayim 18 days ago

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