I got an answer to my question asked Yestrday just to give u little knowledge i and my girl had unprotected sex i didnt ejaculate into her after that she din get her periods for two months she had problems befor regarding her periods they Wernt regular she had been treated and tablets were given to her by the doctor as the course of her tablets were over in the very next week we had sex but I did not ejaculate into her It could be that her period problem might have started again and i also did a pregnancy kit test which turned out to be negative which was done after a moth since we had sex and I got my answer to this but I also want to know incase my girlfriend turns out to be 2 months pregnant then what should I do ..is it nessary to seek parents permission for abortion in India or anything as such ? How much will abortion or anything which could stop this pregnancy cost ? I really don't want mine or her parents to know about it will have an Impact on our future and as far as I know our parents are not ok with all this and I really wouldn't like to let my parents or her parents down ..and as far as I have studied that certain amount of sperm is needed to reach the egg while some die on the way to the egg ?so I did not ejaculate into her but I know unknowingly sperms do come out and u don't even realise but are they enough to reach the egg or to fertilise the egg ?? Please help m very scared