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My dog ate .25 xanax what will happen?

3 Answers

kaismama 5 Nov 2014

I'd call my vet. It depends on the size of the dog what happens. And I don't even know if you can give dogs Xanax. These 4 footed children are like having toddlers around.

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lorilou12 6 Nov 2014

thank you i know they are like toddlers she is very active. Silly me thinking i could turn my back to take my medication.. LOL

Gracie Raccoon 8 Nov 2017

My 5 month old puppy grabbed my bottle of Xanax there were 30 left in the bottle 1 mg IDK how many he ingested! I still DK where the bottle is! He is very calm and sleepy but I keep checking his breathing and heart rate. He’s just very sleepy he only weighs 10-15 lbs he’s probably thinking “ wow look at all these pretty colors” he’s moving still ate the cat food and I fed him to help with however many he ate! It’s not a deadly drug, I see it works great for sedation! We tore the bedroom up searched for 3 hours and my husband was standing on top of the ones he didn’t eat! We still can’t find the bottle and searched together for 3 hours, and I searched by myself for one that’s when I seen the pill pieces! But I was told watch him make sure he’s breathing and wake him up often! So my lucky dog is stoned lol I just REALLY knew how many if any he ate!!!

balbanese 5 Nov 2014

If it's just one, a medium sized healthy dog he may sleep a lot. I'd take it to the Vet to be sure though.

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lorilou12 6 Nov 2014

thank you for your comment.

chuck1957 5 Nov 2014

Lori Can't give you exact answer don't know how big your dog is but just to relief you this is one of the most common drugs used around the 4 th of july to sedate dogs and cats so they don't hurt there self my big dog may she rest in piece 20 years old last summer the vet at 80 lbs used to have me give her 1 mg to start of alprazolam and if in a hour she was still having trouble give her another but if in dought call your vet... dogs are a lot like kids they can get into those bottles thank God it was only one..i think in my heart she is in the clear..Chuck1957 medically retired Cpht pharmacy Tech.

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lorilou12 6 Nov 2014

Thank you Chuck1957. Ruby is 65 lb german sheperd. She did well.

chuck1957 6 Nov 2014

Great Lori,,, yes my vet. this was the drug of choice And also dispensed lots of this for small dogs and cats to on the 4th of july when our poor friends really get upset with all the loud fireworks that go on for days... So if you do have problems with your dog talk to your vet... about this to..Glad all went well i was not really worried because it is used lots in the vet world. Much better than just giving them antihistamins thanks for letting me know, hug you dog for me... free discount card

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