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Does xanax and klonopin show up the same on a drug screen?


Psychmajor 28 Nov 2009

yes, it will show as a benzodiazepine as will any other ones in that class

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Inactive 10 Dec 2009

Thank you very much. so ativan and zanax show up the same to...

Psychmajor 10 Dec 2009

on a standard drug test yep, but if they test again for the metabolites it may show up as different drugs

clily 4 Jan 2010

what do you mean by if they tested again with the mettabolites? my mothers dr, did a drug test on her ,she takes adivan and he said she took zanax.does hes really know? think he really went through all that lab work? or think some one told she did?

Psychmajor 4 Jan 2010

i think they know. Some benzo's have metabolites which are produced (like valium has two that are in the system for 400+ hours) free discount card

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