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Does tramadol cause weight gain?


mpvt 21 Sep 2009

Not that I'm aware of but if you're taking it for pain then you might not be as active as you usually are. Have you gotten out for a couple of walks a day. Once in the morning and again after supper minimum. This will help keep you in shape and it also helps the painkillers to work better...

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bido 14 April 2010

I was just wondering b/c I have gained 5 lbs in one week... it is most likely due to water retention but it is unusual. The only thing I could think of was the Tramadol and the Flexeril... they are new to my system. Have not added calories.

mpvt 14 April 2010

pain killers tend to slow us down physically, which could be the cause of some weight gain but 5 lbs in a week does sound high and it could be some water retention...

Jello Tornado 19 June 2012

Probably depends on your age, metabolism, diet, and how active you are. For me, I've lost about 8 lbs... mostly because I have less of an appetite due to slight nausea. And it seems lighter foods like apples, salads, and nuts don't make me feel as sick! I'm sure it's different for everyone. I know for some pple, taking opiates however, I'm quite sure can increase appetite, but again it really depends. free discount card

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