I was put on 20mg Simvastatin With 5mg Bystolic to lower my cholesterol that the total was 245 on Jan. 12, 2010 four days later I was in the ER with what I thought was heart attack symptoms, but after the cardiac enzymes, chest xray, and ekg came back negative, the ER found out I had Anxiety history and gave me Xanax which seems to quiet the symptoms for about six hours until the symptoms came back. I've been on the Simvastatin for about five weeks now and have felt the same "Anxiety" Symptoms and have been to the ER 6 times total since Jan. 16th where the run their tests and send me home with Xanax, where I medicate every six hours until the Xanax is gone and the Symptoms come back. I have also been nauseous for the last 3 weeks and yesterday started having upper abdominal pain/stomach cramping that seemed to move into my chest, and what feels like a pinch on the bottom muscle of my left arm. I called my doctor's nurse line and they never called me back. (I have a county health plan Doctor) So I decided to not take the Simvastatin tonight after reading all of the horror stories on the Med Forums. I'm a 35 yr old male 5'11" 245 lbs. I've lost 25 lbs because of nausea since starting Simvastatin.