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Does seroquel make you test positive for benzos on a drug test ?

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Inactive 14 Oct 2011

No, seroquel (quetiapine) will not.

Here is a list of meds which can cause a false positive:

Take care,

jlopez9999 7 Oct 2016

no!! never

Inactive 27 Feb 2012

Hello. No. The two are from two totally different drug families. Take either drug(s) only if perscribed. They can interact with negative, side effects. Best of wishes,pledge

Lemons811 17 Apr 2013

I was on seroquel a few years ago and failed for benzos. I was on no other medication.

Cactus Naomi 4 Mar 2018

I recently had a false positive for benzos. I take very few medications including Benadryl and melatonin and sometimes Seroquel to sleep at night.
Other meds; Ibuprofen, Tylenol. It had to have been the Seroquel. I have read in other forums where it says it can cause a false positive for benzos and PCP. I am 99%certain it was the Seroquel, because I am 100% I didn't take a benzo because they have an adverse effect on me.

Joyw6 19 days ago

I was only on Seroquel and it showed up on mine. It tested positive under Oxazepam which I've never even heard of that I know is a benzodiazepine. free discount card

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