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Does celebrex have to build up in your body before it works?

3 Answers

Ladybug1962 17 Feb 2018

I start to take celebrex I want to know how long it stay in your system.

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joanne burns 29 Oct 2010

I am not sure about it building up in your system but I do know celebrex worked great for me. Good luck brobs2007.

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The Mad Man 29 Oct 2010

I have tried all the other drugs/NSAIDS and Celebrex is the ONLY one that gives me any relief. I have been off it for too long. I WANT MY CELEBREX AND I NEED IT NOW!

The Mad Man 29 Oct 2010

I am sorry for shouting but I am having surgery on Monday and have to be off the Celebrex 10 days prior and I hate when they do this to me. Pain is pain and the Celebrex helps somewhat on a bad day and then they take me off of it because it is considered a blood thinner(or some such notion) and then all I feel is pain until the surgery. Crazy!

Inactive 29 Oct 2010

They don't want you to bleed to death. I think that is a good reason. :-)) Try ice, heat, stretching, hot bath, go out, get your mind off of it. Good luck!

The Mad Man 29 Oct 2010

Usually my pain really kicks in at night. I use Capsicum patches which get so hot, they take my mind off the pain. That is a temporary fix but during the daytime, I use visual stimulation. I go down to the beach, listen to my music and just jam in my wheelchair. That makes for a good day, but the nights are hell so here goes the second surgery.

Inactive 29 Oct 2010

Short and sweet, no. It works like aspirin or acetaminophen, or Aleve without the stomach upset. It doesn't work for everyone.

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brobst2007 29 Oct 2010

I used Celebrex for years with success,I had to stop using it when I developed liver problems due to a drug called nitrofurant.My liver symptoms have abated so I asked my Dr. to prescribe Celebrex again because I really need more relief from arthritus than I got from melexicam.I started taking it three weeks ago and did not feel better until yesterday.I don't know if that's a fluke or if its now working. thanx pl

joanne burns 3 Nov 2010

Hey Mad Mad are ua Mad Man or r u just damn MAD at the lack of pain control going on? free discount card

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