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My doctor says I can take Xarelto in the morning. Why do instructions say evening?

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kaismama 6 Aug 2013

Because the manufacturer has found that taking it with the evening meal is the best time to take it.

WF_Mitchell 7 Aug 2013

Actually the manufacturer (J&J) only submitted the drug taken with the evening meal to the FDA for expediency sake. It has nothing to do with the drug's efficacy for other times of day.

RchArmas1 2 Oct 2017

Have you noticed that none of the other responders cite any credentials to give credence to their "opinions"? I will stick with my physician's advice every time over some ananomous Web poster. I know what his credentials are.

jufAnn 8 Aug 2013

My doctor says it's also out of safetymesures: the first nine hours you are even more vulnerable to exceeded bleedings if you should have an accident. When you take it before going to bed, the risk is smaller. So I always take it at 10PM.

WF_Mitchell 8 Aug 2013

Do you take it with food at 10PM?

jufAnn 8 Aug 2013

No, just a little water and never had any discomfort.

Jon2016 20 Dec 2016

Think about what you are taking and why you are taking it.
It is a blood thinner to prevent clots and you take it once a day.
If a clot is to for, it usually happens during a period of inactivity or something unusual such as air travel and its condition of poor air quality and low pressures.

Well now lay down and sleep for 8 hours. Best to have taken a clot preventer, should you be at risk at all, before rather than after the sleep period - it will be most effective in reducing the chance of a clot.

If a doctor says take it in the morning or even just "you can take it in the morning" it just shows doctors are unthinking automatons. You should change your doctor and find one who actually thinks. You may actually find a cure or better outcome at least with someone who thinks rather than just prescribes regardless of outcome.

waterluveraeb 11 Sep 2017

Rivaroxaban doses of 15 and 20 mg should be taken with food to ensure maximum absorption of the dose. The lower 10 mg doses can be taken without regards to food.

dilauser 17 Nov 2017

Is there any actual research evidence that demonstrates administration of this drug with dinner has decreased incidence of DVT, PE, or Stroke. Theoretic arguments like "you are less active during sleep and this is the time where you need your blood thinners to work more" are not contextually accurate for many of us.
If you are working and spend protracted periods sitting with your lower extremities in a dependent position, your venous return is likely far worse than when sleeping at night. People who experience mild pedal edema during the day frequently find that their feet have far less edema after waking in the morning.

Having increased risk of bleeding for the first 12 hours after administration may be real and if advised by your MD certainly seems prudent. free discount card

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