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Dissociative Identity Disorder - Can u have D.I.D and bipolar at the same time?

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LaurieShay 3 Dec 2011

Hey Jda,

Yes, you can have both diagnoses at the same time. I have had both although now are well under control due to many years of therapy and medication. Don't know what the DSM IV has to say about the dual diagnosis but in my experience one is more a biochemical imbalance while the other is a learned response to trauma. Therefore can occur mutually exclusive of one another.


Jda1 3 Dec 2011

I thot so. Thank u so much u helped alot. Do u kno y I seem to forget stuff? My family thinks im playing but honestly, I cant remember at times glad theres hope

LaurieShay 4 Dec 2011

yes, there is hope always. Forgetting things is in part due to the dissociating. I really recommend therapy to learn how to cope without having to dissociate.

Jda1 4 Dec 2011

Thanks laurie! Im new to this and the medication thing. I dont agree with my currrnt therapist or hid stoopid ass cocktail he has prescribed lol I havw often thot of going all natural homeopathic, but am afraid wats u guys take on that?

cetteferge 3 Dec 2011

Hi Jda, Just to clarify, DID is also known as Multiple Personality Disorder, and is less common than the other 4 types of Dissociative Disorders (Depersonalization DO, Dissociative Amnesia, Dissociative Fugue, Dissoc. DO NOS). But, the Dissociative Disorders are often intermingled and confused, even though each is very specific within itself; And yes, with DID, there is often comorbidity or another disorder(s) present. Bipolar is a Mood Disorder, and can most definitely co-occur with DID. Personality DO's are helped primarily with certain types of therapy (cog.behavioral) and can be tough to treat, while a mood disorder is typically medicated in conjunction with therapy. These are all generalizations, but my practice was in Dual Disorders. Hope that helps! Jillian

ElizaJane23 3 Dec 2011

That's what I've learned also Jillian - within the dynamics of a dissociative disorder are often severe mood swings, such as those in bipolar disorder. It's interesting how difference psychiatric disorders come into play - you can even have a lot of regularity, or patterns in mood swings (which would be indicative of a bipolar disorder) yet have all signs of it diminish later once therapy has progressed. The mind certainly is mysterious, and intriguing. -

midnightcowboy 3 Dec 2011

Hi Jda,

This really is a question for a specialist but you have an answer from one person which is specific. Laura I think it is.

I'd ask your shrink. And if they don't know then try another one. But they should know. Where did you get this diagnosis from? That's the place or person to ask the question of. free discount card

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