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What is the difference between oxycodone and oxymorphone?

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blazeman 19 Oct 2018

The difference is in the molecular structure, also oxymorphone is stronger

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fandler 16 July 2013

Oxymorphone is a stronger medication than Oxycodone and both are available in instant release and extended release versions. They are both opioid medications. Oxycodone is abused slightly more frequently but both are sought by narcotic abusers. Both are available in brand and generic versions but Oxymorphone has a different time release mechanism in the generic versions than what is in the brand name version. I hope that helps.

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BBWolff 20 April 2014

What is difference between the generics & the brand of time released meds. I take OPs not OCs anymore, which have started too let me down by not working anymore. ..What would be a better choice for neck, & spine, back injuries. Desperately need relief. .I want be able to just walk to bathroom wo screaming out. I'm awaiting my surgeries within next 6wks to hopefully relieve 50% of the pain. Thanks for ur help.

Emily7094 29 April 2014

So what's the difference in be tween oxymorphone and Opana? I know they are stronger but I've always taking the generic (morophone) now being switched to the name brand???

rendered 9 July 2013

oxymorphone is generic name for opana and oxycodone is generic name for percocet/oxycontin also oxymorphone is norm a extended release tablet and percocet is either immediate or sustained release.

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sintflut17 15 March 2017

oxycodone is in percocet, which is a combination of ocycodone and acetaminophen (tylenol)

Craig R Snyder 29 June 2017

I overdosed on my meds. Taking Opana ER 3x a day and oxycodone 30mcg. up to 3x a day, plus high doses of Gabipentin. Now on a 7 day Oxymorphone and still in pain. In the process of changing pain clinics. Pressure being put on Spinal Stimulator,which I don't want.

Tat2edheart 26 Aug 2017

Craig R Snyder has your pain clinic ever talked to you about a possible internal pain pump? I had one for years with a constant Dilaudid drip into my spinal canal... This was a real help... I would go into the office every few months for a refill of my pump... I also had a PTM (personal therapy moniter) where I could give myself a preprogrammed bollus every 6 hours... I also took Roxicodone 10 mg 3 times a day for break through pain... Only 2 downfalls I encountered were that they need to take you in to surgery every 7 years it so to change out the battery & if you loose a substantial amount of weight (I lost 35 pounds) you risk the chance of the pump flipping in the pocket... This is not only painful but when it flips it tends to look like you have a protrusion in your stomach... Doctor did tell me after my removal that it can be placed in your lower back as an alter,stove... Just something to maybe think about.

Tat2edheart 26 Aug 2017

Oxycdone is also a generic for Roxicodone... Roxicodone 10 mg is an immediate release medication & doesn't have the Tylenol in it like Percocet does... Which could be good for anyone who maybe allergic to Tylenol.

Inactive 5 July 2013

They are the same, both narcotics to treat pain.

take care.-

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