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What is the difference between a neuroleptic and an antipsychotic medicaton?


Factfinder411 30 Sep 2013

They are the same thing.

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RonMan 30 Sep 2013

They are often considered the same thing, but the differences are subtle. Neuroleptics are in the class on antipsychotics, and these days almost all antipsychotics are neuroleptics. This has not always been true. Almost all antipsychotics depress some form of nerve function in the brain. It gets very complicated to describe which and the terminology is difficult.

Dictionary definitions:


(chiefly of a drug) tending to reduce nervous tension by depressing nerve functions.

a drug of this kind; a major tranquilizer.


(chiefly of a drug) used to treat psychotic disorders.

an antipsychotic drug.


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