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What is the difference between hydrocodone bitartrate and oxycodone hydrochloride?


DzooBaby 13 Aug 2013

They are both opioid analgesics (or pain pills). Oxycodone is a schedule II controlled substance which means it has a higher potential for abuse. Most people consider oxycodone the stronger of the two. Oxycodone cannot be called in or have refills. As a schedule II, you have to have a new written hard copy prescription each fill. Hydrocodone is a schedule III controlled substance. It has a little bit less potential for abuse (although there are some who think hydrocodone should be made a schedule II) It is a little bit weaker than oxycodone to most people. Some find they get better relief from hydrocodone though and vice versa. As a schedule III, hydrocodone can be called into he pharmacy and it can have refills which makes it a little more convenient for some because they dont have to see their Dr every time they need medication. Hydrocodone is only available as a combination medication in the US. It is combined usually with acetaminophen but there is a formula combined with ibuprofen also available. Oxycodone is available with acetaminophen and it is also available alone as a single entity drug, and it is also available as a long acting extended release medication (Oxycontin). Hydrocodone is only available in the US as immediate release and as a combo drug. There is no availability in the US with hydrocodone as a single entity drug or a long acting formula.

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