I have several questions for you! 1st: on the 30 (on one side) mg, and B 974 (on the other side) of the oval peach/or orange pill. 2nd:how do you figure out what color it's supposed to be. 3rd: how can you tell the difference between peach or orange? 4th: are the sides supposed to be shiny while the actual pill itself while the center sides with the imprints has a semi kind of dull look to it. 5th: the letter b that is imprinted on it is it supposed to have a perfect circle to it, or a semi like octagon look to it? 6th: is the number 0 in the number 30 supposed to be a perfect circle "O" like the letter, or is it suppose to look like an actual # "0" oval shape? 7th: how does real Adderall make you feel "side effects" verse fake Adderall "side effects"?