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Is there a difference between citalopram 40mg and citalopram hbr 40mg?


Delila 21 June 2016

Hi, Citalopram hbr (Hydrobromide) is standard Citalopram, so there is no difference whether it is spelled with the hbr suffix or not.

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janiebme 20 June 2016

Hi Curious-
From what I found on the internet there is no difference. It could be from another manufacturer that marks the tablets differently. The hbr is a salt. It is best to not switch manufacturers if you can. Try to stick to the manufacturer that works best for you. Each one could have different fillers and additives that some people have reactions to.
But it is best to go ask your local pharmacist what the difference is.
If you find out something else, let us know, we are all open to being educated :)

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WildcatVet 20 June 2016

Janie is correct that all formulations contains exactly the same citalopram hydrobromide as the next. The difference in generics is tht the fillers used (modified starch, lactose, cellulose, lecithin, etc.) could be different. This doesn't affect the efficacy of the drug itself but a few people might be sensitive to the fillers.

Curious201616 21 June 2016

Ty. I have had severe headaches and tension in my neck, where looking left was becoming increasingly harder. I stopped taking the new hbr and these symptoms have stopped. I moved to a different state is only reason for change in pharmacy. It may be a manufacturer change has not been an answer that can explain my issues. free discount card

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