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What is the difference between Cetirizine HCI and Cetirizine HCL?

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Stephen Treloar 13 Feb 2015

They are exactly the same, writing HCL instead of HCL is strangely lazy. In both, the H stands for Hydrogen and the Cl is chlorine.
Many medications use acid as a base; hydrochloric acid, sulphates, citrate and tartrates from memory

Stephen Treloar 13 Feb 2015

HCL instead of HCl apologies

samanthaaa6969 13 Feb 2015

Thank you very much for answering me. I have regular allergy symptoms every day (ex. runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, ect.). I normally buy a low dose off brand version of Benadryl a couple times a day. Every once in a while I break out in hives that are caused by an unknown (according to my doctors) allergic reaction. It starts as a few tiny bumps but can get as bad as putting me into the hospital (again). So I was getting prescribed Citrizine 10 mg tablets for when I would break out in the hives. So the antihistamines I take for the sniffles are the same as for my hives?

Dan Condon 13 Aug 2017

Why does the HCI just quickly melt in my mouth immediately while HCL remains firm for minutes. Further HCL seems more effective. free discount card

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