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Difference between hydrocodone and Dihydrocodeine ?


Jecsse 4 March 2012

Dihydrocodeine is a semi-synthetic opioid that was developed in the 1900s.

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Rajive Goel 29 Sep 2010


* Dihydrocodeine is used to treat moderate to severe pain.
* Drowsiness, nausea and constipation are the most common side effects.
* Make sure that reactions are normal before driving, operating machinery or doing any other jobs which could be dangerous if you were not fully alert or feel dizzy.

About dihydrocodeine
Type of medicine: Analgesic
Used for: Moderate to severe pain

Hydrocodone is an opioid (morphine-like) medication. It is an active ingredient in several hundred different prescription drugs. In these medications, hydrocodone is always combined with at least one other active ingredient (most often acetaminophen); hydrocodone is not available by itself. Although most often used for pain relief, hydrocodone is also used as a cough suppressant.

The medication is a narcotic and is a "controlled substance" in the United States.

Hope the info helped? Take care.

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oxyaaron 29 Sep 2010

i was wondering if you knew if Dihydrocodeine is semi synthetic narcotic fully synthetic of non sythetic narcotic? thanks for your time free discount card

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