My 14 year olddaughter was on dexamethasone for almost 2 years for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Had to be stopped early due to stress fracture in knee and the onset of avascular necrosis. She had gained weight and we were told the weight should come off after 6 months to a year. As a teenager she is naturally quite impatient and it's been 5 months now since steroids were stopped and she is actually gaining weight. Still on chemo so fatigue is also an issue but we are watching her diet. Only thing is she is so down in the dumps about her weight she will not leave the house. Only goes out for appointments at clinic. Medical team are lovely but just say we have to wait for the weight to come off and they don't seem concerned about her very low and at times, extremely dark moods. I feel like an over-anxious mummy but my daughter has totally changed and just lost all her sparkle. Heartbreaking. Any experience with stubborn weight after dexamethasone? Thanks in advance