I stopped having the depo about 8 weeks ago after being on it for 8 years, for the past 2-3 weeks I've had sore boobs, loss of appetite, back ache the first week and a half and twinges not very often in lower abdomen, not sleeping through the night, very achy legs like I used to get when Af was due! My cm has been odd lately, I'm sure I ovulated about a month ago then last week cm was creamy and thick and then changed to very watery (sorry tmi) now cm is very light but creamy/yellow in colour. Last time I came off the depo roughly 3 years ago I fell pregnant straight away which is why I'm worrying so much that I could be the low percentage of women who conceive quickly, me and my partner split up quite recently and now I don't know what to do, I've taken 2 pregnancy tests within the last 2 weeks both came back negative but because I was on the depo for about 8 years I don't actually know when my period is due and if I'm still testing to early. Last time I was pregnant I actually felt pregnant but this time I don't even though I'm getting quite a few symptoms.