I’m travelling overseas in Asia and have developed a dental abscess. I have had one before and am a waiting list to have the tooth pulled.

The country I’m travelling in doesn’t require prescriptions for antibiotics so I’m taking amoxicillin. I took 500mg 4 times a day and it got worse and the pain unbareable.

After looking online, I found that amoxicillin is the way to go. So I upped my dosage to 1g, 3 times a day. This worked and within 24hrs the pain was gone and on my gum there was pimple looking thing. It popped so I used mouthwash and went to bed feeling heaps better.

Only problem is now I’ve worked up, not with any pain but with a swollen cheek/side of my face that was originally causing pain. It almost feels numb. Will this go away if I keep taking amoxicillin? It’s fairly swollen just overnight...