I’ve recently been struggling with bad anxiety to a point three weeks ago it was everyday constant ,I then knew I had to go and get professional help went to my doctor and he has put me on sertraline 50mg he explained it will make my anxiety worse before better and can take a few weeks to see the effects. Knowing this I had to try it as was going crazy with constant anxiety.
I’m now on day 10 and it’s been horrendous every side effect possible constant anxiety, heart palpitations,shaking, depressed, nausea,fatigue, insomnia and very heavy head like it going to fall off . I’ve lost 13lbs in two weeks as just no appetite I’ve started eating slightly more since yesterday. I feel I can’t cope anymore everyday is such a struggle and feel if this is my life now I don’t want it .
I use to be such a strong joyful person and this had crumbled me to a absolute mess it’s so much pressure on my husband me being like this .
Is their light at the end of the tunnel on this medication as it feels not at the moment .
Please help with any advice it would be very much appreciated