I've been on 15mg of Mirtzapine for depression/anxiety for 3 months now and felt the peak effects during weeks 6 through 8. During the past month, I started getting panic attacks and am more anxious than I've ever been so I decided to stop for about 12 days during which I fully felt some terrible withdrawal effects. I talked to my psych doc and he said to go back on the 15mg's and we'll go from there. Additionally, he gave me xanax which has helped somewhat, but I'd prefer to not take that either as little as possible. I've been taking the 15mg again for 4 days and feel almost worse with terrible anxiety and panic. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm to the point where I felt better before I started remeron and am would almost prefer to taper off at this point. I know some docs prefer to wait atleast 6 months, but the anxiety and negative side effects are starting to affect my work and quality of life.