I do a fair amount of endurance exercises and regularly participate in races. I do hiking, road and mountain cycling and trail running. 18 months ago I had a hip bursitis injury and could not do any of these exercises for a period of 4 months. After 2 months or so I became very unhappy, got headaches and was not feeling well. My GP referred me to a psychiatrist, I was diagnosed with depression and started taking Cymbolta 60mg once a day. It worked like a miracle! Within a few days I stopped having the mentioned symptoms and was back to the way I was before my depression started. I highly recommend it. After 4 months of not exercising, I started training again and within 3 months got back to the same schedule of training that I did before my injury. The main problem is that I cannot get back to the same results that I did before the injury. Can Cymbolta be related to this?