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Is Cymbalta a narcotic?

6 Answers

GiaMadonna 1 June 2017

I've been suffering from severe chronic pain throughout my neck and lower back. Bulging herniation and nerve compression in my neck and lower back. Previously prescribed vicoprofen and other narcotics similar. My doctor started me on Cymbalta 5 weeks ago and it is like a miracle cure. I am not putting narcotic toxins in my system anymore and my mood is actually elevated as well as the chronic pain has absolutely vanished. I am very grateful for my neurologist prescribing this medication because my other primary doctors and physical therapy doctors were filling me with narcotics and it put a strain on my liver. Since on Cymbalta I recently had blood work done and my liver is at normal levels again. Cymbalta is not a cure but it sure does help with pain. I hope my comment was helpful to someone here. God bless us all and speedy recovery to those suffering.

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angel1662 8 Oct 2012

Hello VIB238,
Have to agree with the rest of the answers, Cymbalta is not a narcotic, it is used for several conditions and is an ssri, can be used for depression, general anxiety disorder and can be used for diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain just to name a few... hope that helped

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martigab63 12 Oct 2016

Thanks so much, yes it help a lot

Inactive 8 Oct 2012

Hi VIB, it seems by your question that you were prescribed Cymbalta for pain. Cymbalta, as Dzoo has said is an antidepressant, and helps occasionally for certain types of chronic pain. It can also take up to four weeks to start working. Perhaps if you added some more information, we could give a more thorough answer.

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martigab63 12 Oct 2016

Thanks just didn't want to start narcotics

DzooBaby 8 Oct 2012

Pledge is correct. It is classed as an antidepressant (an SSNRI) but is often used for chronic pain conditions. It is not a narcotic, opioid or a Controlled Substance though. It helps to regulate substances like serotonin in the brain which, in turn, can help with pain.

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martigab63 12 Oct 2016

You really help me out with this. I thank you

Inactive 8 Oct 2012

Hello VIB238. Cymbalta is an anti-depressant. It is also prescribed off label for several other diagnosis. Best of wishes to you, pledge

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martigab63 12 Oct 2016

Thank you for your time

kaismama 8 Oct 2012

It's not a narcotic. Why would think that?

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crystalsasha 12 March 2014

Because I have Fibromyalgia and I have always been treated with narcotic medicines to relieve the pain and now my doctor switched me to Cymbalta and I just wondered if it can help with the pain why was I ever put on narcotic medicines to begin with.

birated by doctor 9 May 2014

Oh just had to jump in . oh my another condescending mean health care professional.Why would he ask that he wanted to know .Oh another chance for you to put some suffering person down ,how nice.

LizFS63 13 Oct 2014

I've been lurking here for a while now, and responses like this are why I haven't said anything. Not everyone knows as much about this stuff as others do. Not everyone is as easily able to intuit as some others, not everyone knows what questions to ask Google. It's certainly true that some people ask questions like this hoping to figure out what will or won't get them stoned, but I would rather risk that than find that someone who desperately needed help was blown off. It can be so hard to be taken seriously by doctors, humiliating and so often worse than the pain that's supposed to be treated. Some people can be so beaten down by the way they've been treated by doctors that it can take every ounce of their courage to come here and ask a question. I would hate to think I made it harder for someone looking for help to find answers because I immediately responded with suspicion.

fadald3 18 Oct 2014

Because im weaning myself off it after 12 years and it feels like im coming off a narcotic...
nasty ass...

annastique 20 May 2017

I am on Duloxetine which happens to be the active ingredient in Cymbalta, and I had the same question so... why you ask? Cuz for some reason my doctor only gave me 2 refills which upset me knowing this was a permanent medication so of course when I was told I'm out of refills my first question to the pharmacist was
Me - "Why?!

him - "its a type on limited refills"

me - "is it a narcotic or something? Why is my medication required to be on a limited amount of refills?

him - "no, it just is. you'll have to talk to your doctor about getting more"

donnas1958 10 Oct 2018

Because when coming off of the Cymbalta the effects are so severe you would think it would have to be a narcotic free discount card

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