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Does Cymbalta cause hair loss?

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masso 15 Jun 2018


It is not listed as a possible side effect.

hillybilly53 16 Jun 2018

Thank you Cindy 59. It is nice to know it"s not all in my head.

cindy-59 16 Jun 2018

You are very welcome hillybilly. I know what you mean. I didn't have any idea why my hair was falling out either until I started asking questions too and many people told me that they were taking Cymbalta and their hair was falling out too. Now I let everyone I can that it is one of the side effects. Best wishes to you. Cindy

cindy-59 15 Jun 2018

Hi hillybilly53. Yes Cymbalta certainly does cause hair loss. I am speaking from experience. I have been taking it for approximately 9 years now. I once had a full head of long wavy hair; but I don't anymore. My once long healthy hair was dry and so unhealthy. It lost its shines and I lost so much hair it scared me. My bathtub would plug up because of losing so much hair. I started at 30 mg and went up to 60 mg because it wasn't helping. Over the years I had so many side effects; but it took me years for me to connect them with Cymbalta. I started tapering last year (2017) very slow and I am down to 20 mg. My hair has stopped falling out and my hair is getting fuller again. It is healthier now and I am so relieved. A lot of the horrible side effects are gone now and I am trying to get my life back.

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destined624 16 Aug 2018

I am just starting to wean myself off of this drug, I have had so many horrible side effects from this drug. I initially took for Fibromyalgia pain. My hair is falling out so fast , I had the thickest hair and now it is so thin , I can’t stand it on top of feeling dizzy , insomnia short term memory loss , forgetfulness. In the beginning I didn’t have an appetite and now I have gained weight ! I can’t wait until I am finished with this drug !!!

cindy-59 18 Aug 2018

Hi destined624. I get so angry when I hear that one more person is going through this nightmare. I can't believe that the doctors don't know more about the withdrawals from going off these drugs too fast. Almost every time someone is experiencing as many problems as you are it's because the tapering is being done too fast. How fast are you tapering? It is advised to taper 10% of the last dose every 2 weeks. Some can go a bit faster; but some have to go slower. The taper needs to be slowed down when you get to the end of your taper. This has been proven many times with thousands of people. What dose are you at now? It would be best for you to stop your taper for awhile and let yourself get stable; then start your taper again. I am not a doctor; but I have experienced what you are going through. The withdrawals should be tolerable if you go by 10% once you are stabilized. I had all the problems you are having... my hair falling out was horrible for me too.

angikinns 10 Jan 2019

I am so thankful to have found other women experiencing this trauma, I have been so confused as to why my hair has completely changed. I have a huge bald spot on the back of my head that I first noticed in August, which is when I believe my dose was increased to 90mg daily. I am 47 and have always had beautiful long healthy hair and now it’s at least 50% less thick and I have been so upset about it. The bald spot has had no regrowth whatsoever and I just found another small one near it. I’m definitely going to my doctor ASAP. We checked my thyroid and a few other things and it never even crossed my mind that it was the Cymbalta. Thank you!! I feel sooo happy just knowing it can be reversed.

Kk732 6 Mar 2019

I have been taking Cymbalta for 60 mg a day for 3-4 months now for fibromyalgia. It works great for the tissue pain in my legs, however I've noticed a clump of hair in my tub after every shower. I began taking vitamins and using essential oils on my scalp. As the days passed by, I began to get alopecia on the back of my head the size of a nickel that progressed to bigger than a half dollar now. I now have another above my left eyebrow. I am 47 yrs and I'm so depressed. Does anyone know how to wean off of this drug the correct way?

cindy-59 6 Mar 2019

Hi Kk732. I have taken Cymbalta for over 10 years but once I found out that all the problems I was having was from side effects from this medication I started tapering. I’ve tapered by 10% of my last dosage taken every 10-14 days. I’m down from 60 mg. to 1.5 mg. If you decide you want to do it this way let me know and I will explain it more to you. Take care. Cindy59 free discount card

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