Accidentially ate contaminated Mussel, then felt numbness on my lips, tongue, and fingertips. Google it. Sign of food poisoning. Went to see doctor at local hospital (Auburn Hospital NSW) after hour Emergence, doctor diagnosed as food allegy and confirmed it's not food poisoning, then within 10 mins, she gave me Phenergan injection, after that it made me feel much worse than before the injection. I found difficulty to balance my body & fell on the ground in hospital Emergence ward while walking toward the wash room. I felt nausea & vomited 4 times until I had another injection for stopping the vomiting. Basically I lost my strenght, my movement was so unstable & weak that I have to hold on to something for support . After nearly 10 hours then doctor discharged me. Before leaving the hospital difference doctor told me that I was having food poisoning not food allegy. It tooks me 2 full days to recover my body strength (ie walk with confidence).
It sounds like first doctor has been incorrectly diagnose my sickness. I'm wondering any negative effect for having Phenergan 25mg unnecessary? Thank you!