I'm a 28 year old female struggling with severe depression. I am not epileptic or bipolar. My psychiatrist prescribed me lamotrigine since it had the least amount of side effects and I didn't have much luck without SSRIs in the past. I am currently on week 2 of taking 50 mg - the goal is to reach 100 mg (doubling the dosage every two weeks). In total I've been on it almost a month. I still have daily headaches, fatigue, and constant suicidal thoughts. The symptom that concerns me the most is how it seems to have impaired my cognitive reaction. I feel a lot "dumber" and slower and clumsy. I work with power tools and cannot afford to be this "out of it." I've read that symptoms go away with time but I am very reluctant to increase my dosage for fear of this getting worse, and especially since I have not seen any improvement with my depression - in fact it has gotten more severe.

I am really concerned with it making me so much "slower" I'm every way and even more reclusive - it has been quite frustrating. Has anyone else experienced this? Does it get better or should I start tapering off? My psychiatrist has not been helpful at all. Any information is appreciated.