I been through the psychiatry for years and got several diagnoses wrong obviously. I've tried almost every med. All SSRI's which only makes me worse. My latest diagnosis is bipolar 2 which I really feel like is the right call. I've been on mirtazapine for almost a year and it has really helped me to shorten the depressive episodes which is good. 4 weeks ago I began on lamotrigine. From 25 to 50 and from 50 to 100. On 50 I felt some improvement but it could be the placebo effect? From 50 to 100 wasn't a good step sadly. My dreams became very vivid which coursed me to wake up every hour. It has been a little better after 5 days. Sleep is a little more stable. My problem now is that I feel jittery and overwhelmed somehow. Especially outside and among people. Is that a phase or something I should expect staying? I've read almost every user reviews but can't find anyone with that issue. Hope anyone can help