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Clonazepam - What would make Klonopin not show up on a drug screen?

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jk13 12 Mar 2011

Klonopin is a very very very long acting drug that will stay in your system for a long time. The only thing that will cover it up is just not taking the drug. Bring your doctors script in, and you should be in the clear.

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harvey111604 15 Mar 2011

I have been on klonopin for at least 6 months along with 8 other medicines and I took 2 mg klonopin 4 times and everyday I always made sure that was in my med tray then starting in Dec. it stopped showing up in my urine test every month so my doctor had to take me off of it and I need this Medicine. I took this medicine religiously if if I took nothing else I swear.

jk13 15 Mar 2011

Odd... the only thing that I can think of is if you have any sort of problems with either your liver or kidneys. Not a pleasant thought, but the only thing that I can think of.

harvey111604 16 Mar 2011

well my liver has been checked it was fine have not had my kidney's checked but about 7 years ago I had a fatty liver could that effect it?

harvey111604 16 Mar 2011

I am also on morphine, lortab, gabapentin, sevella, baclofen, potasssium, hydrochlorothiazide, voltaren, promethazine, and everything showsin urine test except my klonopin for 4 months I just can't figure out what went wrong with this one medicine.

mymy36 28 Jul 2011

I had the same type of incident happen with one of my past drs. He was giving me a urine test every month and my clonazepam wasn't showing up. I used to work in the lab at our local hospital and went to school for lab tech. I was taking my meds as prescribed and he was accusing me of not taking them. I went so far to get a copy of my labs and callled the company, Labcorp. They told me it was very easy for the clonopin to not show in a urine screen because it goes through your system so quickly. I think it's half-life is a short one. So, they suggested a blood test for the clonazepam. I went back to my dr and explained what I was told and he didn't like the fact that I had enough sense to call the lab and find out myself. I requested he do a blood screen and he did, after he did the urine screen right there which showed no clonopin. The blood test came back with my levels exactly what they should have been. This may be what's going on with you. Just wanted to get that info out there. Some dr's don't care if they help you or not. Sad but true.

mymy36 28 Jul 2011

I read the comment about the Klonopin being a long acting drug. That is correct. If you take it for a long time. IN my case, my dr was using a urine drug screen that checked for classes of drugs, benzodiazapine being the class for clonazepam. When I spoke to the lady at LabCorp who was working at an out of my state office that did tests for that part of the US, she said that many times the metabolites that are excreted in urine are so small they would not be recognized by lots of urine tests that are called dip tests or that would require urine being dropped on the test, much like a pregnancy test. She then told me to request a blood test specific for clonazepam.

Chucklin 1 Jun 2016

No its water soluble it stays in ur system the most 4 days

Scorp21 8 May 2017

Like what have you learned since October I'm going threw the same thing been taking it for years religiously everyday half n hour before I go dyalize dr did a blood tox screen everything showed up except my clonipins and that's crap right there I couldn't dyalize without them I asked him to do another he wouldn't I've been told by a my nurse b4 that (having attacks in dy.) to take two before half b hour b4 dyalisis because they can be dyalized out I heard no so idk but he dropped me as a patient no there drs are going to see me because u get labeled as a drug dealer or whatever they r thinking or doing I can't prove myself right it's making me so depressed worse pain I know Boone will listen to me now that I see all the stories on here and I never have not taken them is there a dr out there that can help me this dr WILL NOT LISTEN TO ME AT ALL I TOTALLY JUST QBOUT GIVE UP I DO NOTKNOW WHAT THWY ARE SOING TO ME SOUNDS LIKE THRY R TRYING TO OFF ME ...


BEING IN DYALISIS FOR 17 years I'm in absolute shock and I can't get outta bed I hurt really bad like the last ones he gave me don't seem to be working idk I just need help really bad an1 out there no answers quick I'm going threw this right now and I can't take it anymore alreadyso any advice would be great or something please n ThankYou

kristy541 15 Mar 2018

This is not true. Benzos are a short acting medication

Little P 31 Mar 2019

JK13 I had my one kidney removed a few months ago due to kidney cancer so would this make it stay in system longer or leave my system quicker? Anyone know?

Mergatroid 8 Sep 2011

Mine did not show up when I took it and had a test to work at the hospital. I told them I was on it for sleep, but it does not stay in your system for a long time, and I drink a lot of water, so had to re-test the next day and not drink any water.

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Srr1111 7 Mar 2017

That's odd they said it's not in the system for long because it is and one day shouldn't make a difference. Maybe it's not the right medication fit for you.

Jlundy 15 May 2013

This question has baffled me all day. My drs office is kicking me out of the practice because my drug screen did not show the klonopin I take religiously. 5 mg a day. This makes the 3rd test from different doctors that did not show the klonopin in my system. I just don't understand how this can happen. I take my meds as prescribed. Why isn't it showing up. Really upset by this. I really like my doctor and don't want to switch. So if anyone knows how this could happen please tell me. I have to prove to my doctor his test was wrong. Help please. I swear on my sisters grave I take my meds correctly if I didn't I would have major anxiety and panic attacks. I'm at a total loss. Other than I see this is a very common problem with this drug :(

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Dumpster Diver 15 May 2013

Wow, all these questions about Klonopin not showing up in urine tests are
baffeling and weird..From my experience Klonopin is a long acting benzo
and stays in your body upwards of a month ot two from long term, steady use..
??What is UP?``DD``.

Jlundy 15 May 2013

Actually guys I have found the answer. The urine test I had on 3-26 after the doctor calling the lab did show a very small amount I the drug in my system. 7 metabolizes. Which is very small. The doctor said klonopin is excreted from your liver extremely quick. Which is why it won't show up on urine tests. Now I also called the manufacture of the drug and they said only 2% of unchanged meds are excreted through your urine. Which I a very very small amount. So unless you take like 2mg 2 hours before your drug urine test it won't show up. Glad I finally found some answers. Now if I can only get the office manager to listen to me maybe I won't get kicked out of the practice. So if this happens to you the dr needs to call the lab an get answers. Instead of jumping to conclusions and flagging you as a drug dealer. Hope this helps someone.

tlarea112908 2 Nov 2013

WOW I saw this after my post but it still didn't even show up in my blood and I know now after graduating from med school this past July that when you take something it does have to go through many channels in your body cavity to reach your liver to be excreted into your system/blood stream.


Still though with me I have been on this medication going on 16years and they can NOT take me off it if it does not show up this time that would be ridiculous and the worst mistake they could ever take against me due to me so far in my life taken about 114+ ambulance rides for anxiety issues and them always relaying it back to anxiety because as you probably know by now that once you have chest pains or cant breathe or whatever and they find out that you have anxiety that this is the escape goat that they use to NOT run the correct tests on you they ALWAYS say its anxiety and I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING YOU as you probably know but swear to anyone that if I were to go in they and say I had a boil on my buttocks some of the hospitals would say that oh ITS ANXIETY take some deep breaths it will go away... ITS like WTF you just dont know what to do sometimes.. But yeah Ill take what you said into consideration and I am just hoping and praying they get better and more advanced equiptment to test for things like this because its just wrong to kick somebody off their meds especially when you take them faithfully and rely on them to get you through the toughest times in your life... Good Luck to you still and I will update soon and let you know what I have found out on my test. Thanks again and you can always ask me anything I have lots of medical books / dictionaries and such if you need answers to anything Take Care of yourself and YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT dont let them persuade you into thinking that YOUR NOT OKAY because you ARE!!! toodles lol :)

lonpopo 13 Jan 2014

Gesturing Clonazepam actually has no active metabolites. The same is true for lorazepam. This most likely is the reason it's not registering on the U.A. My advice would be to request a blood test for your Clonazepam. Best of luck!!! ***

Z4ch20 26 Jul 2014

I have been on klonopin for over 2 years sometimes 6 mg a day for panic attacks. I take a drop every month for probation and it never shows up...

carolbooher 24 Sep 2014

I have been taking clonazepam for almost 9 years now i take it every nite and the doctor is saying it is not showing in my UA. I even took my doses for a week in front of my husband and son! This is the 3rd time it has happened.The doctor has cut my dose to only 1mg a day from 3mg a day, now he took me off all my meds even the ones that did show up. What can i do to prove i took clonazepam every day as prescribed!

smoshead 5 Sep 2015

Jlundy, could you possibly post the phone number of that manufacturer that gave you that information. I am having a battle with Kaiser and being told I blocked and now the doctor is taking away all of my narcotics which is going to cause harm because I'm 68 I've had back surgery that have caused very very serious arthritis and my neck it's so bad in my when I go off the Klonopin it hurts so bad. but one half hour after I take klonopin or clonazepam as it's known the generic I am okay with in a half hour and now everything is being removed from me because he's a jerk so I'd like that number so I thought. I filed a complaint and would also like to be able to show them here is the number you call to get the information that you got . and post it cuz I can't get to my email online right now. Thanks buddy

nancyshrewsbury 27 Nov 2015

I googled different questions and a lot of meds and over the counter medicine like Nyquil can make klonipin not show up. It happened to me !!

Valeriesearles 4 Oct 2016

Keep up the gold work and thank you so much... val

Inactive 3 Jan 2017

I have been on Klonopin or Xanax prescriptions for 30 years with exception of my 3 pregnancy's... I have a severe anxiety and panic disorder along with extreme complex PTSD and I'm currently in drug court for something completely different. I have never abused my benzos only take them to feel normal and this program although prescribed is forcing me to quit taking them which is only 1mg bid sometimes it shows up rarely in my UA's so I'm wondering if you can help me determine when the safest time before my urinalysis is for me to take it being I'm trying to come up with the money for an attorney???

Shell125 8 Mar 2017

I took 1mil klopin today had a panic attack and wasent thinking. I go to my sub doctor in 14 days will it show up I have done so well. I'm really scared

Scorp21 8 May 2017

I had the same exact thing happen to me I'm going threw it right now and I'm in dyalisis I remember a nurse a while back telling me to go ahead and take 2 half an hour be4 because it may be getting dyalized out if my system because I was having bad panicking attacks in there so I did that it went away so know after 20 yrs of taking other serious meds my dr is dropping me accusing me of selling them when I do take them every single day I wouldn't be going to the dyalisis place and I would be in the er all the time he won't listen to me and I will die once I'm out of all of them and I can't prove myself right I'm facing a hard Time finding other drs as well I find this absolutely ridiculous and I have no idea what to do anyone give me any ideas why I think they get dyalized out if my system asap help please

Rhonda ann 13 Jun 2017

Also have them take a mouth swab

Beasto 22 May 2018

A comment on my comment: I am a long time patient of the same meds for years, and by no means gave advice or other encouragement to anyone for any reason. That was just my story of what happened to me on a personal level. I cannot advise or comment on what is best for those reading this statement. I do wish everyone the best of luck. I will say “don’t give up or give in, as there is a logical explaination for everything. We just need gutsy folks to stand up for us and believe in us. Most are good-hardworking-class people... we matter too. “God bless all”.

Netrussell 25 Jun 2018

I have a negative screen for benzodiazepines 2 times. I am being denied a refil. I need my medication and this is baffling. My dr suggested that I am not taking my Meds but rather selling or giving them away. This is crazy. Why would I be so stupid as to deliberately not take this medication knowing I would be tested. Why does clonazepam not show in a drug screen? I want to know.

Queen of the South 3 Jan 2019

The same thing is happening to me. I’m on 4mg daily. And the last 2 doctors appt it didn’t show up.

Rtm1986 15 Jun 2019

I took 32 1mg pills the day before rehab and never tested positive so obviously there’s something majorly different with the benzodiazepines chemical structure in klonopin then in xanax.

clerk in Florida 28 May 2015

I would like to know myself. I took.2 klonopin 1mg and neex to.go to my doctor for refills amd Dont want to be kicked out program. Got the klonopon from a friend to helo me sleep... how long before they will be out my systems

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Redpat6 22 Nov 2016

I've been clozapine for few years,for high end work force very stressful,helps keep your thoughts down,keeps your mind going 100 miles an hour,and anxiety from storms , with anxiety give yourself a shot with an inch-and-a-half needle it use take 20 push need all the way in,so it's a must epically when you poor sweet and turn greenish white about to pass out,not a good thing when you fear needles,and I've been Takeing shots with long ones for a,while in my leg to balance my system to keep normal not to get out of wacky and get hormone diseases thank you for not taking a shot cancer surgery,so this medication helps me a lot,of work in a work place that drug screens all the time,and my dr.told me years ago it whont show up,but at that time I didn't care cause it wasn't on the do not take list,and I had a script,


but all the years it never showed up,now this year they put it on the do not take list,I don't know why cause it don't affect anything on your job you need to will see if it finally will show up,bit out of last 8 years it never did.low milagram I think a 2.if they do this away not sure what I will do for my shots,cause thereshe no way I can do it with out it,

Barbiew19701nemo 16 Feb 2017

I don't take on a regular backs but couldn't sleep for 3 Day and took a few. It helped now I go to doc in 7 days will it not show?

Nattjenta 28 May 2015

Harvey111604, You're saying you graduated from med school last July? But you don't know how drugs are metabolized in the body? You do not come across as a medically trained person to me. Just my humble opinion.

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dandan86 2 Apr 2016

You would be suprised on how much they don't teach in detail! Alot of this stuff you learn in the field hands on.

Billhawks 10 Aug 2016

Strange I was just an RN and we learned all of that the first year in my 3-year diploma degree. My Family Pharmacist saved one of the inserts 4 every drug he had on his Shelf. That was great instead of having to look them up in the PDF this was years ago long before computers LOL. So I alphabetize them and had an immediate access to any drug warnings side effects uses contraindications how it is metabolized xcetera.

firsttimemom410 7 Jun 2015

If your jobs are testing with quickcups klonopin doesn't show up on any that I believe of, only lab tests

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Toothpickchick 2 Jun 2016

Mine was a blood draw through the hospital lab and it didn't show up.

JRNYDawg 5 Jan 2016

I am a diabetic& drink several gallons of water a day.. The Klonopin & a few other meds don't show due to this.. My Dr knows I'm taking them as she is my wife

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briteyes 6 Jan 2017

IF your wife is your doctor, I hope you BOTH realize that is considered UNETHICAL by the state boards. She can lose her license for this, be careful who you tell this to.

Bowsk99 17 Dec 2017

I am prescribed 1mg of klonopin twice daily for the past 8 years and use as directed. It never shows up in frequent labs. In order to keep my script the prescribing Doctor had me take the 1mg dose at his office 90 min. prior to lab with a Nurse and himself as witnesses. Results still came back negative for klonopin. I don't believe a Doctor should or will lose his license because a prescribed drug such as klonopin doesn't show in a drug screen. The Doctors that I have spoken with have given me explanations from rate of metabolism to ineffective absorption of drug. I have found out that if I stop taking my fairly small dosage abruptly I will have a seizure. This has happened 48-72 hours after running out and not being able to refill due to situations beyond my control.

Bowsk99 17 Dec 2017

I must add that I'm using klonopin to treat anxiety disorder and not to prevent seizures.

Chucklin 1 Jun 2016

Wow what is said makes no sense to me. A benzo is water soluble which breaks down in 3 days. Thats about the longest they r in ur system. Im not sure if they can differenciate the difference between benzos. If ur a doctor n u dont know this wow. Ur dumb

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MiseRae999 2 Jun 2016

sheesh, not only rude but desperately misinformed. some benzos are water-souble, but many are fat-soluble and can last in your system for weeks, potentially months depending on your metabolism/frequency of use. diazepam can be detectable for a very long time even after a single dose. i don't know where you got your information, but it's wrong, friend. maybe it's because of the types of tests you've taken? gas chromatography testing, for example, is highly sensitive and is used to detect even small amounts of benzodiazepine metabolites- that may be another reason you think they're cleared from your system so quickly, you're not taking into account the presence of the compounds that they're broken down into after you've taken them. either way, it's not a great idea to go around calling people dumb when you yourself are providing incorrect information.

DCScanSuckIt 18 Feb 2017

DCS uses the metabolites from the drugs so they can tell the difference between benzos & pain meds

Rhonda ann 13 Jun 2017

Yes they can show up as klons zs etc they have tests for them now that can show up what benzos u are taking in your system

dreamweaver58 19 Sep 2017

fin a, im with you on that one

Gsparks6701 26 Oct 2018

They are not water soluble. Whole milk yes, water no... you're dumb

MYkpinsRboke 3 Sep 2019

I've tested positive over a month after taking my last valium.
As far as being able to tell the difference between different benzos, many individual benzos have metabolites unique only to themselves such as klonopin, Xanax and Ativan, maybe you should educate yourself a bit more on subjects before taunting other people who just are trying to share information or looking for answers about issues that are troubling them.

MYkpinsRboke 1 Dec 2019

Actually many benzos have unique metabolites.
Xanax: alpha-hydroxyalprazolam
Ativan: lorazepam-glucoronide
Klonopin: 7-aminoclonazepam
... other common benzos break down into nordiazapam, oxazepam, and temazepam
... klonopin is most fickle to detect even though the drug has a medium-long half life, and Ativan typically can only be detected in parent form(lorazepam) as it is unique and fast acting.

icg 21 Oct 2016

Clonazepam is secreted predominantly as a metabolite, 7-aminoclonazepam, in the urine. Many urine drug screens either do not detect this metabolite or are insensitive to it. Reported false negative rate is 25-30%.

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amber725 9 Mar 2017

My husband and I both have general anxiety disorder and we are both prescribed Klonopin and Xanax. Both of our doctors test us for like every drug known to man, including over the counter drugs and nicotine. I always show up positive for both Xanax and Klonopin. But my husband doesn't show up for Klonopin. He takes 1mg, 3x a day. I take 1mg 2x a day. His doctor said that Klonopin will not always show up in certain people. He didn't elaborate on why. At first his doctor thought he wasn't taking them and I guess thought he could be selling them. My husband said he could call him and my husband would bring in his Klonopin the next day to be counted so he could see he wasn't selling them or even abusing them. His doctor did it twice and then dismissed him as just one of those people that, for reasons unknown, doesn't show up for it. I don't know if this is relevant, but my husband is overweight.


He's 6 feet tall and weighs 290. I'm 5 foot 3 and weigh 135-140. I don't know if that has anything to do with his Klonopin not showing up. And actually when I think about it, his metabolism is slower than mine, so logically any drug will stay in his system for longer, so that means that his metabolism has nothing to do with Klonopin not showing up in his drug screens. It is odd.
So you may just be one of those people, for unknown reasons, that Klonopin doesn't show up in your urine test. Have they done a blood test to see if it shows up there? Just curious. I wish I had a better answer but it seems to be something most doctors don't understand either. Good luck

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Bowsk99 17 Dec 2017

I have been prescribed klonopin, 1mg two times daily for the past 8 years. As per my Doctors orders I have a drug screen once every 2-3 months. Klonopin has never shown up in results even though I use as directed. My liver and kidney panels are within the normal reference range. No Doctors have been able to give me a reason why.

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Betty Ann Enyeart 14 Mar 2018

5 mg should be out of system in ,10 days

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14dw88 17 May 2018

I've had this problem so many times this last time the doctor took me off 2mg 3 times a day to 1mg 3 times a day women doctors are the worst so i took one in front of her to prove a point. They sent it to the lab the first one was one that had the results on the jar i tried to tell her that this has happened at least five other times for some reason they don't always show up but she doesn't like prescribing them anyways she said so i said i just want to make an appointment with a real doctor not some glorified nurse.

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Birdflu 30 Jun 2018

I’ve been on clonazepam most of my adult life. I’m also on parole so I take drug screens regularly. clonazepam has NEVER shown on any of my drug tests. I would estimate I’ve had 15 screens over 3years and its never shown once. 2mg twice a day.

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cleaner123 25 Mar 2019

I have been on klonopin for 30 years and it just recently the past 6 months stopped showing up in my weekly screenings and my rehab wants to know why. I think they believe I'm selling them. I am so scared they are going to take me off. I heard from some workers at the rehab that it is because I am on 2 different water pills.

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TKMarsh711 25 Jul 2019

Probably because the generic Klonopins now aren’t very good. free discount card

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