Im going to keep this short.. Basically I had a lot of things starting to happen over about a month (nervous breakdown) was prescribed 10mg I had mild side effects, was monotone but after about a week I started feeling better and was happy again.. then boom I had a severe panic attack and needed to be taken by ambulance to the hospital.. I had been vomiting and diarrhea for days.. so I was admitted.. we got to the deeper issue which was I had a severe panic attack.. they started me on 20mg and while in the hospital I just wanted to stay in the dark. Finally the hospital was like we are sending you home, but was feeling so embarrassed/humiliated and frightened to go home I was already back on anxious.. I've been home I've noticed my chest feels funny/extremely uncomfortable (I just keep remembering to breathe) and either the world is moving to fast or I'm slow oh and the dry mouth is intense. When do these side effects go away? Is this common when you increase dosage? The nausea and stomach I can deal with because I've had gastro issues for years. Oh I also have these strange nightmares!!